Sunday, February 13, 2011

Book Review: Same Life, New Story

“Same Life, New Story,” Change your perspective to change your life, by Jan Silvious, published by Thomas Nelson2010
          Although I ordered “Same Life, New Story” because I admire Jan Silvious, a biblically sound author and speaker, I was expecting a “ho-hum ladies; let’s get our thinking straight” read. The sub-title “Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life” understates the goldmine in this book.
          The format of “Same Life, New Story” is an easy read for either a personal or a group Bible study. A quick read of this book provides understanding to face issues in life and a deep, intense study will change your life.
          Throughout the book, Ms Silvious shows us, through the decisions of various women of the Bible, that we can write new stories for our lives—that we can change our thinking, behavior, and decision making.
Jehosheba, Deborah, Anna, and Rahab did not know how their stories would turn out anymore than we can see into our own futures.
          The author shows us how to learn to question what we are thinking, to unclutter our lives, and how clinging to the what-might-have-been yesterday will stop you dead in your tracks. The author writes “…you are only a victim when you think you are a victim. Bad things happen, but you do not have to let them define your life…..God’s story is bigger than yours.”
          Ms Silvious gets specific as she links biblical times with down-to-earth pain in the issues of today and covers the gamut of modern life circumstances that happen while we are ‘doing life.’  From personal experience, I can attest that she does not play games, beat around a worn-out bush, or over-simply the traps of life. I wish this book had come to me 25 years ago when I found myself living out consequences of my own and other people’s bad choices. However, after reading “Same Life, New Story,” I am excited to understand that I DID change my life circumstances and re-wrote my story. But, believe, me, this book makes it easier to bring about those hard changes. Ms Silvious says, “Wisdom is the gift of knowing what to do. Courage is the gift of having the guts to do it. That is a powerful combination.” Truly, when we allow God to use our wisdom and courage, great things can happen.
          The best surprise in this book, for me, is that the author did not write JUST for young and middle age women, but she also covered issues that clutter the lives of us silver seniors. Just because some of us have been through the fire and came out smarter does not mean we stop making mistakes. Aging brings on its own unexpected battles and this book is a valuable tool to help me write the difficult last chapter of my life in a graceful way that will glorify my Lord and encourage those coming behind me.
          I highly recommend this book whether or not you think there are issues in your life to change. Jan Silvious skillfully connects our lives today to the Lord Jesus Christ and she shows us how to live in God’s Word.
          Thank you, Book Sneeze, for sending this book to me to review.  
And, note to my local readers.... Jan Silvious's book, "Same Life, New Story" is NOW available at our own Closer Walk Christian Book Store, 997-7827, If anyone decides to teach this book, let me know and I'll post the info and encourage you!!!

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  1. I so enjoyed how you critique the plusses and minuses of your life as part of this review and added that this book will help you create a graceful last chapter to your life to inspire others. You make me want to read this valuable book, my friend.